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When you get these stocks that haven't been up in a month of Sundays, what happens is that folks like me call analysts for these down-and-outers and we say, "Hey, is this for real?"

Arguably, something somewhere in the universe of beaten-down names is for real. So the analysts come out of their foxholes and start recommending these dogs. A few more points get made. And then the chart turns positive and a few more points get made again. It's a virtuous circle.

The call goes something like this: "Hi, this is

Analyst Guy

-- I cover boring and mundane companies for

Remarc Brothers

. Over the last few days I have been inundated with calls about the really boring and mundane companies I cover -- after having not gotten a call for two years. So, I can tell you that we are going from market weighting to overweighting on all the boring and mundane companies in our universe because you, the client, want them. What's changed? Beats me, but I am not going to stay in my foxhole now that the shelling is over!"

And the stocks have still one more day in the sun!

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Random musings:

My favorite branch manager beats the old dead horse with this just-received note: "Margin clerks are calling me. Some accounts are so badly margined that supervisors are calling now, not just wiring or emailing. The same suspects are getting beat up. Could be

deja vu

all over again."

Matt "I didn't know Commerce One (CMRC) split again" Jacobs

is on a Net/tech bus tour in Boston, where they keep telling the driver, "Don't stop, just keep going!"

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