That's it! We are selling everything and buying exactly what Warren Buffett owns. You attack me -- you attack him. Hah! Just dreaming a bit after a tough series of press clips.

Tape's all over the place today. The techs look weak, which makes me want to buy them as I

mentioned this weekend. Can't believe how badly the telco-techs act, as if that article about regional Bells "losing" $5 billion in inventory means they won't be spending that much. That's a major focus for us, as we want exactly those kinds of stocks. I think that's wrong, and I am trying to take the other side of that selling.

In the meantime, don't forget that it is expiration week -- a positive -- and that London is down hideously -- a negative. Seems like business as usual: People getting too negative about tech setting up that trade and more selling than I expected in the financials, given the deal this weekend.

The most disappointing news of the day is a lack of


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strikes -- that's the

NDX 100

-- to play either direction. There are no March calls, and the only Aprils that are in the money are the 98s. That's wrong and surprising, given the index's 100-plus level. I thought for sure that more strikes would be added over the weekend. Market makers, please consider adding some deep-in-the-money strikes, if not for March than at least for April. Can't work with what we have now.

Random musings:

Appreciate the sympathy from this weekend's bashing, but let's move on already.

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