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Business as Usual for the Bulls

Retail is a nice indicator of the health of the market.

Yeah, so they open them too high. We've seen that before. Now we are shaking everybody out and making sure that anxious buyers get singed and patient buyers get rewarded.

What else is new?

I am focused on the retailers (yes, I am, I am trying to treat this as another day -- good luck to me) because the


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action shows me that even though April stunk out loud, it didn't stink to the point of damaging the quarter!

The action in

Home Depot

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also reminds me that any time this stock drops more than 5 points, some analyst will always come out of the woodwork and make his name stopping the decline. Even


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is back to that punishing secondary price.

Retail is a nice indication of the health of the market. These stocks rarely go up when the tape is terrible. They are important tells of the overall health of the market.

And even though the market seems downright stalled here -- thanks to the bonds, which act as if they are stuck in rapidly hardening Portland cement -- to me it seems like business as usual for the bulls.

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