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In the Oct. 13 issue of The Telecom Connection Cody outlined his expectations for F5 Networks in a Portfolio Overview.

We're stepping full into earnings season, with


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, and



having kicked off the tech sector Tuesday night. Intel's quarter was incredible when put in historical context, the company made more money than it made even at the top of the bubble. But Intel didn't meet the expectations it set just three months ago. To be clear, the company is losing serious market share to

Advanced Micro Devices

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and is also losing some market share to


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as the iPod explosion is driving a return to the Macintosh platform.

Intel can still be a good macro tech-health indicator, though. The company is on track to have yet another near-record-setting quarter in the fourth quarter, which implies that the tech economy is still plugging along and growing at a steady clip.

I've had

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in the model portfolio since the newsletter's inception, and the position's been a big winner; Cisco's simply one of the greatest companies in the history of the world. I also think the quarter is going better than most observers expect, as the analysts are wringing their hands largely because of the many warnings from Cisco suppliers. Again, I'd suggest reviewing the past few newsletters for more on why that dynamic is in place and why it's not necessarily indicative of Cisco's own business.

I think


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business has really been strong, as the IP revolution at the carrier level is continuing to gather steam and Juniper is taking more market share from Cisco in the core router market and from smaller competitors in the IP switching/security lines.

One company that Juniper's not taking share from is

F5 Networks

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, which I suspect is having yet another gangbuster quarter. In fact, I want to put more of the model portfolio's cash into this stock. I expect the company to beat estimates and raise guidance for its next quarter. I also am hearing chatter that there are larger fish looking to swallow this one up. They better hurry or F5 will move up the food chain quickly enough to become an acquirer itself.

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At time of publication, the firm in which Willard is a partner was long Intel, Advanced Micro, Apple, F5 and Juniper, although positions can change at any time and without notice.

Cody Willard is a partner in a buy-side firm and a contributor to's RealMoney.

He also produces a premium product for called

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