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Damn the selloff, it's full speed ahead for the bulls in RealMoney Barometer poll. And Monday's wild rebound rally showed that outlook was prescient.

On Monday, perhaps buoyed by a concerted effort by foreign governments over the weekend to shore up their wounded banks, investors sent the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

soaring a record 936 points -- its biggest one-day point gain ever. That level came just 11 trading days after the index registered its largest single-day drop -- 777 points -- on Sept. 29.


S&P 500



also enjoyed banner days, with the S&P's gain of 104 points sending it back over 1000. The Nasdaq rose 195 points.

As for the poll, despite coming off one of the worst weeks


for the stock market, the bulls took 629, or 45% of the 1,384 votes, while the bears got 441 votes, or 32%. Neutral was the sentiment of 314, or 23%.

In the sectors, automobiles was seen as most likely to decline, with commercial banks seen as most likely rising. That sentiment seems logical in that the carmakers' revenue is restricted by the tight credit market, which curtails prospective car buyers' ability to finance vehicles.

Commercial banks, such as

Bank of America


, have reaped the windfall of investment banks' demise.

The three major indices were filleted last week as investors fretted that liquidity injections by the government weren't reviving credit markets. The Dow and the S&P 500 each dropped 18%, and the Nasdaq fell 15%.

Below are the complete poll results.