Bulls Extend Run in Poll

It's now four weeks that the sentiment in TheStreet.com RealMoney Barometer survey has been bullish.
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We're wrapping up a bad year for the stock market, but they say the market is always a forward-looking mechanism. And the bullish results of TheStreet.com RealMoney Barometer survey lately suggest just that.

For the fourth straight week, the outlook in the poll is bullish. This week, the bulls got 350 votes, or 37% of the 944 cast. The bears had 267, or 28%, while neutral came in with 327 votes, or 35%.

In the sectors, once again precious metals was seen as most likely to rise, an outlook that contradicts a bullish take on the stock market. Automoblies was seen as the sector most likely to decline this week.

Below are the complete poll results.