You've got to love a market that sees new highs for

Merrill Lynch


. When Mother Merrill goes up, that's a sign of strong health for so many different parts of the economy that I usually have to fight myself not to be longer when it happens.

For Merrill to hit new highs, we have to have both bond and stock markets in good spirits, a solid underwriting calendar and hopes that the


tightenings might be reaching a conclusion in the foreseeable future. It also might mean that the Old Economy, the part of the economy that has been scalded by the Net, may be making a comeback. I think that's possible because I believe Merrill Lynch's online plans -- all the ease, speed and cost savings of online with a human touch when you need it -- could be the big home run of this year.

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If these prognostications pay off, we could be in for a rocking good time for much more than just Merrill.

I am a huge believer that certain stocks can forecast the health of markets. Merrill's stock is one of those accurate forecasters. It is a terrific thermometer and it tells me that the bull isn't going away anytime soon.

This run of Merrill, which was not takeover-driven, could mean clear sailing for the next few months, for more than just the


. I never fret too much when the bull is back.

Oddly, there is one place where the bull hasn't paid a visit: the Merrill research department. I can't recall a more negative group. Maybe they should pay less attention to their data and more to what the stock price is saying. It has a much better record of late than they do.

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