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melts down.


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is banned in Europe.

The Washington Post


is losing readers. Uh oh, has

Warren Buffett

lost his touch? As usual, the charts tell the



The first company to look at is Gillette, and unless you've been in an isolation booth for a while, you know the stock recently cratered. As a result, the daily chart doesn't look too promising.

Similarly, Coca-Cola has taken a shellacking lately, down nearly 10 points in June alone.

Finally, Washington Post has been, at best, dead money this year. Apparently, when I joined the ranks of new subscribers, it wasn't quite enough to send the stock skyrocketing.

So, these three look pretty pitiful, right? I mean the best of the three is going sideways! Now, you and I might look at these charts and start to get a little concerned. Well, if you were long Gillette, maybe a lot concerned.

But, building on Wednesday's

column, here's the power of perspective and time frame. Look at the three charts now, not on a daily scale, but on a monthly scale stretching back 10 years or so.

Hmm, not so bad, right? Washington Post is certainly fine, and Coke is hanging in there. Only Gillette shows some signs of wavering, but even with the recent hits it's taken, it is still in a pretty strong uptrend.

So, you still think he's lost his touch? Maybe, but viewed through his eyes, it looks like business as usual.

Reader Requests

A few interesting emails this week, the first from

John De Palma

TheStreet Recommends

, who wanted to know if I was bullish on

Walt Disney

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. John, on this one, I have to join the


ranks by steering clear.


Chad Sturgill

wrote in asking about


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. Trial or no trial, it refuses to go down and out. Still, I'd wait a bit before pouncing.

Finally, I had to include

Curt Collins'

request of

First Sierra Financial


, mainly because Curt flattered me by saying, "Nobody knows the shorts like you!" (Guess Curt hasn't looked at




And so it goes. I'll be back tomorrow with plenty more.

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