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Remember the red-hot griddle analogy! Whenever I hear that the market is looking up big, I have to remind myself that the market makers have no inventory after a day like yesterday. The market went out at its high, Europe is up big, and the guys who make the important Nasdaq stocks will be doing their best to contain the market.

So you will see that same pattern that we have seen hundreds of times.

The market will open up too much -- to levels that bring out sellers (newbies might want to check out my

Holland Tunnel Diner

pieces, where the griddle is so hot the eggs get cooked in a flash), and the people who use market orders at the opening will get bagged. The disillusioned novice traders will then kick out what they bought, and we will get a vacuum effect down to where the market can be bought.

Please remember that the pattern won't repeat itself if the market opens up orderly, but it doesn't look that way now.

Random musings:

I am hearing a lot of chatter about how I sold out to

The New York Times

. Yeah, that's me, a real sellout, blasting national advertisers and beating up on competitors left and right. We should all be such sellouts.

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