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Breathless and Busy

The market's summer doldrums are officially over, and the trader is thrilled.
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We could barely catch our breaths today. There was so much going on, so much to learn, so much to figure out and debate and argue about, that I can't believe it is 4 p.m. already.

The excitement is back. The summer has finally ended. The fall conference/IPO/trading season has officially begun and I am thrilled.

All during this summer it seemed that we would be better playing cards, the way we used to when my wife, Karen, ran the trading desk. I would try to force trades and she would say just play some blackjack and wait until the "deck" -- the market -- gave you something to work with.

Today we finally had something to work with. And it was plain exhausting. Gonna have to add an additional workout if I am going to keep this pace.

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A lot of rough groups out there today. The drugs acted horribly. The banks, well, they were the banks, meaning they were grotesque. That's typical action when these bonds act as terribly as they did.

But there was opportunity galore. That's all I ever ask for.

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