Boxing Stocks: Corning Glass vs. Citrix - TheStreet

In this corner, weighing in at 225 with a gain of 13 is Corning Glass (GLW) - Get Report, the optical heavyweight champ. And in this corner, the spoiler, Citrix (CTXS) - Get Report, weighing in at 26, nope, make that 25, oops 23!

This Claymation death match pretty much explains everything (tech-wise) on your screen today, as Glass Works (as the Street calls Corning Glass) buoys the

JDS Uniphases





of the world and Citrix knocks down the various software companies that work and interact with


(MSFT) - Get Report


We are sidelined in this battle, not willing to sell our cherished optical plays, but not willing to buy software companies until they come down more, as last week was a big week for the group.

Our biggest decision so far today: selling


(INF) - Get Report

into Maria Bartiromo's joyous boost! Seemed like the right thing to do.

Random musings:

You might want to begin your day by checking the winners and losers stuff in the

mutual-funds columns on


. I find it required reading, as you don't want to start buying on top of big moves from these groups -- too risky. ... The


downgrade this morning of





related to the skeptical nature of sponsorship deals that we saw last week from


. It was weakness at

Time Warner


, which I thought was doing well!

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