Borrowing From Tomorrow

We rallied today, so does that mean we'll sell off tomorrow? Cramer investigates.
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Did we borrow tomorrow's rally today?

That's our biggest worry. With

The Washington Post's

John Berry reporting that the


will be benign, we rallied ahead of the Fed meeting. Does that mean we will sell off tomorrow after the Fed does nothing?

What would make this day more than one of a series of one-day wonders? Oil. If oil breaks here -- and you know I think it will -- then we could put together a streak.

Otherwise, I am afraid that when the "news" comes out that the Fed is doing nothing, one of the variables -- the dollar, the bonds -- will not behave and the market will go back into its stop/start mode.

Random musings:

Can't believe how much

S&P 500

money was coming into this market today. It was cascading, and it sent a lot of big-caps up effortlessly. Painful to see things like



, which I left at 49, continue to go higher without me. Lot of recriminations today about our cash position. But this "right for a day, wrong for a day" market is too vicious to play full tilt.

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