You want a bankable pattern? They open tech up every morning, particularly the tech that is pushed or bulled by brokers and analysts anxious to try to get some momentum going.

But within in minutes, sellers materialize. Within minutes after that, sellers overwhelm buyers. I am talking about stocks like





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Ask Jeeves


. I am speaking of the


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and the




At the same time, the drug stocks open down. Same with the foods. But by 9:45 a.m., adherents surface. By the end of Squawk, these stocks are under accumulation again and they are ready to rock again. In come the buyers for the

Schering Ploughs


and the


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and the


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This pattern is a bearish pattern for tech and a bullish pattern for The Stocks That Nobody Cares About.

Boring is cool.

No broker is going to come to you with this analysis. This analysis says that tech has to be avoided and is dangerous. That won't help the 60 deals each firm has in the pipeline.

But it will make you money, so I pass it on.

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