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Oh no, Warren Buffett just bought Citigroup (C) stock! Will it help it or will it hurt it?

Isn't that terrible? That's literally what went through my mind when I heard that

Berkshire Hathaway


bought 8 million shares of Citi.

In the last few weeks, I have heard so much negativity about Buffett and his stock picking, I am now jaundiced enough to think that it might not even matter, or that it will now seem fuddy-duddy.

There was a time when Citigroup would be up 4 or 5 points right now because of this anointment. Just a few years ago, I was shorting



burgers when the news broke that Buffett was buying it in the mid-40s. I got a headslam right up to the 50 level.

But these days, I think the market will just yawn. And if Berkshire keeps going down, I think further purchases will be regarded as a contrary indicator.

What a rough game.

Random musings:

Be prepared for a lot of valuation upgrades based on price. Many stocks have fallen so hard here that analysts who may have downgraded stocks on declining fundamentals now feel compelled to up them because they are "too cheap."

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