Borders Group


is taking matters into its own hands. It is talking about a leveraged buyout because its managers think it is too cheap. To which I say, yes, it is about time!

In the 1980s many retailers went private because they thought they were worth more than the market was willing to pay.

The first ones did great. Many of the retailers we now trade came out of this process. The later ones did terribly.

Federated Department Stores




come to mind.

We are very early into this process. Other than

Garden Ridge

, I haven't seen many other leveraged buyouts in retail. But it sure makes sense.

Borders execs must look at themselves and feel terrible. If they could start over as they could be worth a fortune. Instead they are stuck being Borders with a dot-com that hurts them.

Surely management sees this stuff and gets livid. How can Bezos be worth so much and we be worth so little? But before you become a dot-com you have to go private and lose the brick and mortar.

I suspect we will see a lot of these as the year progresses.

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