Boeing Comes Through the Clouds

The company is talking about a delivery rebound in Asia, and Cramer thinks this good news warrants watching.
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If you are like me, you are looking for positives in a sea of gloom.

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. Nah, I won't buy the stock yet; I don't think these guys have a handle on anything as far as earnings are concerned.

But on the conference call, Boeing is talking about an Asia delivery rebound in 2001. For most companies, something two years away is a real yawner. Not with Boeing. If Boeing sees a turn, it has to move fairly soon to build inventories to meet that delivery sked.

Previous to this call, Boeing was looking for down deliveries in Asia, so this is a big change. An important change because this market, which had Boeing seem like a growth stock, stopped in its jet stream in 1997 along with the Asian stock markets.

Boeing has long cycles. This downturn, if it ends in 2001, is a fairly typical decline. There are hundreds of companies leveraged to a turn at Boeing. Hundreds. If you take Boeing at face value on deliveries (and it has screwed up on many, many things, but it has always known what its deliveries would be), this piece of good news has to be watched. There are a lot of 52-week-low stocks out there that shouldn't be there if Boeing knows what it is doing about these Asian deliveries.

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