Blowing the Dust Off J.C. Penney

The trader isn't surprised by today's news on J.C. Penney after an accidental visit to one of its catalogue centers at Eckerd.
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Peter Lynch


My wife and I had to pick up an anniversary card on the hop Saturday and the only place we could find a spot next to was


. Oh man, was this place ever not to be believed. I felt like I was visiting a drug store from the middle ages, a totally unpleasant place to shop.

As we were walking out we passed the

J.C. Penney

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catalogue section, which had nobody staffing it and a handwritten sign saying that you couldn't do layaway. It was dusty and dirty and seemed like nobody had manned it in years.

My wife said that we should short J.C. Penney. I said it was too low. She said it didn't matter, we should short it anyway.

As usual, she was right.

Random musings

: Weird but true. Last week



announces a big buyback. Today they announce a disappointment. Go figure. Could be bad for


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, too... Matt Jacobs' fave pick,


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, ramps 30 ahead of a split. We are taking some profits at

Cramer Berkowitz

but Matt is holding on to his full position in the rotisserie league. Ivester quits


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for personal reasons? Were his kids caught drinking


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