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Blog Watch: Tim Blows His Top

The Treasury Secretary loses his cool, what may be the scariest chart ever and getting to the bottom of the lone couple in a huge Florida condo.

With the big call from Ron Insana to go all cash this week, another view of the available trades from David Merkel via Cody Willard.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geither blew his top, and it made the top story,

but was it all staged ?

You can judge a book by its cover when it comes to

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gold prices.

Investing has different meanings for different people,

this may explain in vivid detail

Smith & Wesson's


recent run up.


Pragmatic Capitalist is scared , very scared by this.

The story about a couple who are the

only residents in a 32 story Florida condo gets the full "how did that happen"

from Barry Ritholtz .

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Bill McCandless is the executive editor for multimedia at TheStreet.