Another tumultuous day of on Wall Street as the Dow ebbed and flowed throughout the day, spiking as much as 200 points, then falling only to closing at a fresh record. The S&P 500 followed suit and scored a fresh record of its own on Thursday, Jan. 25, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq declined slightly.

Biogen Inc. (BIIB) - Get Report  and Celgene Corp. (CELG) - Get Report  both closed up on Thursday despite mixed results. The companies are both eyeing inorganic and organic growth. For Celgene, which has inked two $7 billion-plus deals in the last month, more deals are indeed on the way.

While deals wouldn't be a drastic change for Celgene the company will look to refill its pipeline through deals.

Drastic changes could be underway at Ford (F) - Get Report  in the coming months as the automaker posted disappointing earnings and its stock tanked. The 115-year old company also announced Thursday that it acquired transportation software companies Autonomic Technologies Inc and TransLoc Inc. as part of a strategy to expand ride services and transport businesses.

The deals seem to be a step in the right direction for Ford, but investors appear weary as the company's stock closed down about 4% on Thursday.

Something more drastic may be needed for Ford instead of two small-ish seeming tech deals.

Tim Collins over on Real Money, our premium site for traders, suggests that Ford should take a look Blackberry (BB) - Get Report  , which is turning itself into a car-focused tech company, or open itself to be acquired by a big tech company.

"Admittedly, none of this is going to happen. You can't domesticate a dinosaur and convince it to live in your backyard like a dog," Collins writes. With the stock trading in a pretty tight range over the last year or so, you can't blame Collins for trying to think outside the box, at least someone is.

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