Just when we had forgotten why we paid such high prices for stocks a few months ago, we get reminded by ArrowPoint (AWPT) , Ancor (ANCR) and Verio (VRIO) what the game was all about.

All three of these companies just got bids by respectable players in search of dominance. They got bought because they had a value to someone else. No, not to a mutual fund or a hedge fund or an index fund. They had value to other businesses that needed them. These businesses paid huge prices to get these companies.

So often, when we are frustrated by what is happening in the markets, we forget that these pieces of paper represent businesses that could be valuable to other businesses. The notion of enterprise value has often surfaced during such bear phases like the one we are in, jarring everyone out of his or her funk. It looks like the prices have been brought down enough again to start these merger discussions going.

When we left the office on Friday, we thought we would see takeover bids for foods and drugs. We didn't think we would see them in tech.

Maybe everything has gotten too low and tempting to corporations in the last few months. That's good for the bulls. And a nightmare for those who would still short stocks down here.

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. I didn't bother to read the article. I am just going to buy the stock.

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