"It depends on your time horizon," is no longer an operative phrase in my world.

We had a nice fellow in here this morning talking about owning


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, and while I was yawning and trying to stay awake, I managed to spit out something about

Red Hot stocks. He shot back that "it all depends on your time horizon."

Huh? Time horizon?

Commerce One


just went up more points than Bristol-Myers has points!

Time horizon? Bristol-Myers might not go up 72 points in your lifetime. Time horizon? How about the time it takes to see

Any Given Sunday


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So I shrugged and picked at the donuts, wishing, of course, that they were

Krispy Kremes

, and I shook my head about the brainwashing we have all had about long term. Then he started talking about after-tax returns.

And as I rubbed my eyes and dug my fingernails into my hands to stay coherent during that

Warren Buffett

-like rap, I said to myself, "What I wouldn't do to pay the tax man half of my Commerce One gain."

So mark my words: You come on our TV show and ask about someone's time horizon, and I am going to hit you with Commerce One. You do that personal-finance rap on me about tax planning, and I am going to hit you with a mammoth capital gain.

Unless Bristol-Myers comes up with a drug that will let you live forever, it ain't gonna beat one day's worth of upside from Commerce One!


Random musings:



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-- sell out to

Philip Morris

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already, will you? What is the time horizon for owning Hershey?

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