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Betting the 30-Year Bond Is Not Really Betting at All

The trader describes an opportunistic trade and makes a call for readers' journal entries.
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Oil at its high. Purchasing stuff too strong. Dollar getting weaker.

Sell the bonds.

That's what went through my mind when I flipped the five million in bonds. Immediately after I did it, a half dozen of you asked me why I did it. First, this is not an important trade for me. I used money that would normally have been kept in overnight cash. I am not leveraged bonds. I am not leveraged anything. I have about $150 million in cash. (Very few shorts, mostly cash as a hedge.) That's why betting the 30-year is not really betting at all. I was simply taking some cash and putting it in bonds, betting that I would make a little money.

I made $40,000 on the trade.

Remember, I am a hedge fund manager. That is not a big amount of money for my partners. It was strictly opportunistic. So, with the fundamentals for bonds weakening, I blasted out to play again.

Random musings:

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split two for one?" Yep, when you start hearing questions like that, as I just did, you know the slide has taken on some vertical proportions. Nastola.

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