Whoever sent me the anonymous email laughing that "your precious IPO market is dead and buried," think again wiseguy! While we may not exactly be burning rubber this week, we are looking once again at a healthy crop of deals. But, we're not out of the woods yet my friends. Let's get past this little test of the market's appetite and the Memorial Day weekend first. If this week goes well, and I think it will, we'll most likely print very little the following week. Hey, it's tradition to do nothing for at least a week before kicking off the summer. Which brings me to summer. ...

Summer is always slow. Well, almost always. Usually right after the month of May the various players in syndicate-land begin to take much needed vacations and the IPO market in general takes a breather. Last summer was an exception to this time-honored rule and we burned up most of June, July and August printing deals. Of course, things were very hot going into summer and the momentum was intoxicating. Nobody could slow down for fear that one of the other firms would grab the lead and capture all of the deal flow. This summer should be different. The market is ready to lay on the beach for a while and tan its buns.

So, again, let's watch carefully the deals that price this week and hope that we go out on a high note. If we do, plan on a relatively slow but sturdy IPO market during the summer months.

Let's look at the offerings for this week:

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