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Maybe those taking RealMoney Barometer poll figure this market has run too far too fast.

Despite the major averages coming off their sixth straight week of positive finishes, bearish sentiment reached 57% in the poll this week. The bears took 5,079 of the 8,939 votes cast. The bulls got 2,735, or 31%, and neutral came in at 1,125, or 12%.

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In the sectors, precious metals, bearishly, was picked as most likely to rise, with commercial banks seen as most likely to fall.

Perhaps the poll participants' gut feeling was right. The market was selling off on Monday, with the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

down 220 points to 7911, the

Nasdaq Composite

off by 54 points to 1619, and the

S&P 500

down 27 points to 842.

Bank of America

was a drag on the market today, down 15%

even though it reported

a first-quarter profit of $2.8 billion. CEO Ken Lewis said the bank is facing "extremely difficult challenges" and is concerned about credit quality.

Below are the complete poll results.