Bears in the Polling Booth

JJC's poll gauging how much capital readers are putting in the market suggests it is late in the selloff.
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And the winner of the poll is? A combination between "vaporized" and "committing less than last year."

In less than 24 hours, 7,670 of you have responded to my poll about what you are up to in the market. Thirty-seven percent of you are committing less money than last year. Sixteen percent of you can't commit because your assets were vaporized in the selloff. Only 8% of you are attracted to the short rates for cash. And 38% are committing the same amount as ever.

This market is exacting a brutal toll. While this current poll's sample is larger (I had the same poll up three weeks ago for 24 hours), 42% of you were "committing the same amount of capital" earlier this month. I added the "vaporized" option this time. But the breakdown earlier in the month without it showed that 50% were committing less.

Conclusion? Fifty-three percent of you are now less in this market than a year ago, up from just 50% a few weeks ago.

The bear is taking its toll. It is getting late in the selloff.

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