On days like today, we look for downgrades to put money to work. We look for bad neutral calls. We look for things that are down because someone has been working an order to sell stock and doesn't know the world changed.

Oh yeah, the world did change. You can buy cyclicals, retailers and banks for a trade because this jobs number lessens dramatically the chances for a whole bunch of hikes. This number changes things. Those who were bearish on the economy because of fears of massive rate hikes will now be forced to come in and buy. They will buy these down-and-outers.

Yes, it is just a trade. But it might be a trade for a week or two because there are no other important numbers out there.

Bears in a two-week steel trap with rusty prongs and tetanus setting in! Bring your camera!

Random musings:

I am deluged with thank-yous from readers who read my

prediction of a reversal day that would mean you had to be long for this opening. I greatly appreciate it, but I ask only one thing, give gifts of


to friends. Act now and you will get

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