Bears' Early Initiative Falls Flat - TheStreet

All that miserable put-buying and QQQ (QQQ) - Get Report slamming and semiconductor shorting and where did it get the bears?


There was buy pressure all day after the morning bear raid and, with the exception of the


(QCOM) - Get Report

problem, the market didn't look back. In fact, the Four Kings --


(CSCO) - Get Report


Sun Micro

(SUNW) - Get Report



(INTC) - Get Report



(MSFT) - Get Report

-- all broke through their strikes, something most people thought couldn't happen going into the session. Given the almost gravitational pull of a strike, this was quite an achievement and to us showed some real underlying strength in tech.

We never got a pullback in


(CNXT) - Get Report

, so we reached at the end of the day to take some down and we hope that sellers will send it lower so we can buy more tomorrow.

Random musings:

I am headed on the road to see my friends and partners at

Pershing's 2000 Financial Products & Services

conference. I will be posting some Trading Diary installments from Florida, but it will all be of the derivative variety. Can't say I mind, as I hate playing expirations. But check out the Diary tomorrow on

. It will be rocking.

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