Bears Can't Get the Job Done

Cramer's disappointed by the bears' feeble effort of late.
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Come on, bears -- you can do better than this!

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You have the bonds down big. You have el presidente bashing the drugs. You have a crummy number from


(T) - Get Report

(which, by the way, I am long). You have four


governors speaking tomorrow. You have

Maria Bartiromo

reiterating the


(CSCO) - Get Report

shortfall poppycock. You have a ridiculous merger of


(ATHM) - Get Report

buying the nonrevenue

Blue Mountain

. You have a bunch of broker downgrades of the financials. You have loathsome horn toad


(MCK) - Get Report

blowing up again.

And this is all you can do? You take the market down 130 points?! Can't you get it down 200 after that big run last week? Can't you drive it lower than this? I am shocked that this all you can deliver! It makes me want to go out and take stock across the board, instead of just in the drugs and the financials.

Something really has changed. Once the market got clobbered intraday it had been staying clobbered, with the advance/decline line getting worse. Now it's stable.

Stocks that were down at the opening closed lower than where they opened.

That doesn't look like it is going to occur.

If you bears don't make up some negative story soon and give it to Maria (remember, anything but DRAMs -- she loves DRAMs), we are going to rally by day's end.

Just a feeling, but I have been hot lately. Like the



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