Battle Ready

The trader is scouting for what might come back first. His bet is on the semi sector.
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If we are still in a classic bull market, I would think that the best-acting group on a bounce-back would be the semiconductor and semiconductor-equipment stocks as they are about to report and the numbers should be great.



has had a huge pullback and it would seem that the components could stabilize a bit.

Secondarily, I would -- and have -- bought non-


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software. I just think these names will work first


the margin selling is over for the day (remember

the thesis: Margin clerks worked early and may be done for the day) because they are all due to report soon and I can't imagine the numbers being bad.

We bought some out-of-the-money calls in that last dip -- defined risk, not a lot of capital.

Of course, the drugs hang in, but I can't countenance buying them up here. If anything, I would sell some to buy semi faves.

How dicey is it? SOX traded down 29% from the high. That's a serious correction. Gotta go the other way.

Random musings:

Net hopes?



gets a commitment for a loan; that could take the pressure off for a few minutes.

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