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('s Ben Holmes, who heads TSC's subsidiary, keeps a close eye on lockup expirations every week. For more on lockups and why they matter, check out Holmes' primer on the subject. The full current lockup list is published separately. )

Last week I pointed out a couple of names from that list of expiring lockups which were showing signs of price strength -- a rare commodity in recent times. Of the two,

Tibco Software





, Tibco softened up a bit and has since returned to the same level where I flagged it. Maxygen has worked even higher and looks as strong ever. Given all of that, on balance, I'm 1 for 2 in sticking my neck out on these lockup situations. Let's see how I bat this week.

So, what looks good? Like I mentioned earlier, Maxygen continues its climb, so if you trust me enough to buy it, I'd say set a tight stop on that position and let it ride.

On the short side:

Envision Development

(EDV) - Get Report

is the not-so-old

IPO which, as you see below, is coming off of its lockup. A quick check of the web tells me that few people noticed the name change. The stock is thin, weak and ripe to get crushed. AMEX-listed stocks can be a tough lot to borrow, however, so it may not be possible to short the shares, but it's worth a try.

Here's the list:

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