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Batten Down the Hatches

The shorts are out in force, as the negative rumors attest.
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Oh, do the bears want it down today. Rumors flying about Intel (INTC) - Get Free Report not being that strong off of a Montgomery presentation -- wrong, but who can refute that kind of touchy-feely bogus negativity? Rumors that Micron (MU) - Get Free Report has some problem, sure, why not? Sounds plausible. Stock's had a big run. ... 3Com (COMS) - Get Free Report pricing pressure. Boy, talk about the usual bear suspects. Hey, no split, no big number bumps Cisco (CSCO) - Get Free Report -- now I am really shaking. And what's this -- Mister Softee (MSFT) - Get Free Report down for the count in the courtroom because of some weirdo error!!

Whenever I hear this many negative rumors, I know that there is a ton of money bet one way, and that bettors are starting to freak out that they won't be able to bring home the bacon.

What's the reality? It's business as usual, but the stocks have had a big run. The news out of Montgomery on my end has been uniformly positive. Tech business is pretty good. Big deals for Net companies. But when the rumor-mongers put out the word, it is batten down the hatches until they have brought their shorts in.

So watch the puts; watch for selling in the


, look for the tell from Cisco, the tell that it has stopped going down. And don't shoot till you see the whites of the bears' eyes!!!

Random musings:

Man, that was some awful furniture bet I saw in the


Roundtable. Both


(SCS) - Get Free Report


Herman Miller

(MLHR) - Get Free Report

have blown up before the ink was dry. Ouch!! It wasn't just the Sandra Ward/Biggs blow-up that was embarrassing.

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