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Banc of America Tech Conferece, Sept. 18


Monday, Sept. 18

Yahoo! Treads Carefully on the Revenue Issue

This time Koogle keeps quiet on projected ad spending, talking up portal's ad strategy instead.

VeriSign Sees Self as Internet's First Utility

The company, which boasts 2 billion interactions a day, plans a Net database to distribute phone numbers.

So Why Did Kevin Landis Buy AT&T?

Also, how not to introduce Level 3's CEO.

Level 3 Hears Fears of a Bandwidth Glut

TheStreet Recommends

Its CEO counters that the company will win because of its market share.

Microsoft Offers No Hint of Trouble

Despite rumors to the contrary, the company only talks about its growth prospects and strengths.

Oracle Dismisses First-Quarter B2B Shortfall

An official says it fell short of expectations only because of "one or two deals."

Tech Issues a Big Feature at Banc of America Investment Conference

Tish Williams peruses the tech offerings smorgasbord.