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Bad-Mouthing the Rally

What a bummer of a day!
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Oh, boy, will people be bummed out about this NDX-plus-30 close!

Something must be dreadfully wrong. Corporate profits? Inflation fears? Sloppy Treasuries? Worries about tight employment? Is it the strength in nickel? Maybe it's the air being let out of the balloon of the high-flying Net stocks.

Who knows what caused the


to be up less than 2% after yesterday's decline? This total lack of follow-through is mind-boggling.

OK, I can't resist. On this day when I am trying, single-handedly, to expunge all cliche, I had to indulge in the two favorite treats of business journalists: Bad-mouthing any rally as not good enough and employing every trite phrase in the book.

Here's another way to look at it. Where would the market be if every other day it went up 7 Dow points after going up 212?

"Not stuck in a trading range" is the answer.

Oh, yeah, Department of Silver Lining (like that guy who calls himself Greed and Fear) notices that


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is up three while



is down 3. Isn't that two pieces of matter occupying the same space? Can that be possible?

May the Brazil flu -- Citigroup pneumonia -- connection at last be severed.

Random musings:

Silver bull on


right now. Where do they get these guys? Waiting for an anthracite bull any minute now.

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