It's 3 p.m. and I've had one of those Net days that makes me realize why people behind the Net better start

listening to

Jim Seymour

. My email provider, let's not use names, just call him Duke of, got spammed last night and it didn't have the tech ready to deal with it. So I have gotten none of your mail. And some Internet backbone provider has been down, making it so I have use my home Net guy to send stuff back to

, and my Net positions are all down, because, what the heck, it's the Net and all it does is go down, both the stock and the real thing.

In other words, I can't wait until this week is over.

Days like today I can't believe I turned my life over to this amorphous gang of phone companies, suppliers and 19/7 jokers (that's a knock-off of 24/7, in case you are not Net press release savvy). I feel like we are in some sort of

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World War I

trench somewhere and we are being shelled alternately by the Bosch and our own, we have mustard gas going off in the trench, the masks don't work and some officer back in the castle is shooting one out of every 10 of my men because they won't go over the top.

I hate it.

Drives me crazy.

Anyway, I am redoing my long options piece for the weekend, as I think I can clarify a ton of issues surrounding that. And it won't require any more Net tinkering as it is still in my machine.

Days like today tell me that the brick-and-mortar guys still have a shot at us Netizens unless we solve the tech problems that make this whole thing dicey.

To those of you in the chain I screamed at today, sorry. I know it is just technology, but for heaven's sake spend the money and get the back-up. This is ridiculous.

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