Back in the Badlands

Intel reports, and the after-hours shouting at Cramer Berkowitz could be heard blocks away.
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"Two cents light."

Those were the words that rang through my office at the moment that


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reported. Immediately we fixed our eyes on



Our trader,

Mark Kantor

, yelled out the cadence. "Offered at $65. Offered at $64 and a half. Offered at a quarter. They are hitting the $64 bid. Offered at $63 and three-quarters. Offered at $63 and a half. Offered at a quarter.

And then came the phrase "Intel sees a good second half."

"Take him, take him up to $63 and three quarters," I yell out.

"No, take him at $64. This is really bullish for Intel." I stare through

Jeff Berkowitz's

window into his office. He's nodding. "Grab it," I say. And then I heard the words no trader ever wants to hear. Kantor yells out, "Too late. It's gone."


"How about four, can we take four stock."

Gone too.

"Jeff, I don't think we should pay four-and-half, that's too tight, four-and-half," I shout to Jeff.




instant messages me, "Don't pay."

No matter, that stock's gone. Now it is offered at $65.

In the background


is talking about the stock being at $63. Holy cow is that wrong. Sure it was at $63, but that was a lifetime ago, I think to myself.

Better pen a piece fast, lest people get the wrong impression.

And that's what you saw at 4:57 p.m.

Random musings

: Weather forecast tonight: Blue Moon. That must mean "see you on



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