B2Bs Getting Blasted

Pru's call is putting the margin clerks back to work.
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Darn it, those margin clerks thought they could be on the 11:47 Cannonball to Amagansett on this daylight-savings-time weekend, but then


blasted the B2Bs and now the



-- that's the HOLDRs for the group -- and the related stocks are just getting slaughtered. That means margin clerks will have their work cut out for them in these high-profile darlings EVEN AS THE REST OF TECH HANGS IN LIKE A CHAMP.

They have some chopping to do, but it is discrete and shouldn't impact more than just the Net and the Net infrastructure plays. (As an aside, I think that there are some people who will probably be somewhat upset with the B2B call, namely the people who intended to mark up those stocks at the bell. That's too hard.)

We like the


. We are putting them on into this weakness. We have sold "exciting, esoteric and illiquid" to fund "boring, tangible and liquid" is another way to put it. Hardware over ephemeral may be the call.

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