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Away From the Quote Machine, It's Nothing but Angst

And with stocks now down 6, 9 or 12 on a bad day, that's understandable.
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Had to do the call-in today. Away from the desk. I had a hunch things were going to be bad because I was away from a quote machine and whenever I'm away from a quote machine, I suffer justifiable angst. In the old days when I called in, the drill was pretty simple. You wanted to know where the problems were, what was down a lot, what needed attention. Occasionally, you had a stock that was off a couple and had to be dealt with.

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Now when you call in, it's nothing but pain. Every stock you ask about on a down day is 6 or 9 or 12 points lower. When you're there and in the milieu you can deal. But after asking for three quotes that together added up to about 25 points shed, I didn't want to ask any more. When you live by the $200 stock, you die by it.

Fortunately, I called in at what looked to be the low of the day and we put money to work on the spot after analyzing the


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comments and considering the macro backdrop. To me it sounded like a yawner of a reason to send the market down. I know had I been there I would have felt the full brunt. But

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had to keep me from buying things hand over fist because I thought it sounded like such a good opportunity.

It won't be any easier for me tomorrow. I'm reading in my kid's kindergarten class. I won't know if my buys were good ones at the opening.

But if that's what I'm worried about tomorrow morning, shame on me!

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