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Hey, how about a little authentic auction gibberish? Nothing is more comical than the "read" of an auction, what people are saying about it vs. what is really happening. I regard it as gibberish because it is too early to tell and, more importantly, the bond futures are about to close because they don't trade by candlelight in Chicago (there is a power outage.)

In the bad old days, during the


administration, (that's a financial critique, not necessarily a political one), a quick decline in the bonds (and the futures) could signal total chaos ahead as there was an auction every few weeks. (An aside: Can you believe,


afficionados, how poorly Bush's people handled auctions versus


? The sad irony is that under Rubin,


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couldn't make a dime on these auctions, but under


, Goldman made a fortune. But nobody ever brought that up. )

For me, I made those sales of fives and tens. I won't miss the stuff. In fact, I might buy it back another point down from here. Complacency? Nah, boredom. No


to strategize/joke around with.

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