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At Least We Have the Bonds

I want to win, just like the Mets last night.

It could be worse; we could lose the bonds. On a day too dreary in equityland we have to take heart that the bond market hangs in there.

Given that gift, you have to believe that at a certain point the correction will run its course. But that doesn't provide us any insight on what to buy.

For example, I would love to buy the bank stocks here, as I think the

Credit Suisse First Boston

end-of-the-world sell call may be running its course. I like those more than the cyclicals today, because the bonds are signaling slowdown.

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So why not pounce? I am more perturbed at the power of the bank stock downgrade. I am afraid others might attempt to be equally heroic tomorrow. Why not wait? Why not hold off?

Last night, at the Mets game, two Mets kept their bats on their shoulders. They got hit by errant pitches and got on base. The Mets won.

I want to win.

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