Assessing the Compaq Spillover Effect

Cramer doesn't think Compaq's woes should plague either Dell or Gateway.
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OK, so



sucks. And

Western Digital

(WDC) - Get Report

sucks. And



sucks. Tell me something I don't know.

Yesterday I had to hear a raft of commentators speculate on whether the good news in


(ORCL) - Get Report

will spill over to its competitors in the software business. Hello? The world doesn't work like that. Oracle's taking business from others.

Today we will hear about how Compaq's woes could hurt the industry at large. I am not buying it. And I am short Compaq. This company was run poorly -- very poorly -- and now it is coming to grips with the problems. But I would not short


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off this. Those guys at least are executing.

I do hope that Compaq, Western Digital and Exabyte spill over to telco tech, to which they have

no relationship whatsoever

. I am hoping that someone sells


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off of this because Cisco is tech. Maybe they will sell


(IBM) - Get Report

off of this because IBM is tech.

I am currently bidding for tech stocks below the market. Hit me, please.

Random musings:

Hats off to Don Young at


for giving the Street a big heads-up yesterday about how poorly Compaq is doing. It was a very tough call to make when the market was screaming, and it was much appreciated.

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