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Ask Our Pros: Fifth Letter of Stock Symbols

Hal Uy gives a reader an easy way to understand why some tickers have a little something extra.
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Some stocks have a fifth letter in the symbol. I know that the fifth letter means something, but haven't been able to find a comprehensive list. Do the




use the same letters to mean the same thing? Does the NYSE even do this?

-- D.M.

Hal Uy:

Lycos has a good

guide to stock symbols

. The most common letter to be added to the end of a company's stock symbol is "E," which indicates that a company is delinquent in its

Securities and Exchange Commission


Hal Uy has been a full-time trader since 1997. He has been interviewed in Money, and in the book The After-Hours Trader. He has also served as a technical assistant on several trading books. He appreciates your feedback;

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