Ask Our Pros: Catching Conference Calls

David Peltier explains the logistics of listening to these important company events.
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I am interested in listening to live conference calls of the companies I own stock in. I was wondering if it is possible for me to do this.

-- J.M.

David Peltier:

About 99% of the companies out there now host public conference calls with the investment community following their quarterly reports and other major business announcements.

Individual investors can dial in on the telephone or listen to the calls via Webcast. Replays often are available for a couple of weeks. Information on how to access the conference call usually can be found in a press release or on the company's Web site, generally under the Investor Relations heading.

Keep in mind however, that with most major companies, the question-and-answer session usually is limited to invited guests, such as analysts and major institutional investors.

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