Another Topsy-Turvy Session

Cramer documents some of the strange twists he's seeing today.
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Nothing kills you like homework.

Yesterday, feeling cyclical, I couldn't resist making calls on two beaten-down war horses,




Crown Cork

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Why those two? Look, I am a Philadelphian, and these two stocks are in my hometown paper every week as being two of the lowliest, most misfortunate, if not mismanaged, companies on the firmament. I keep thinking something right has to happen to these guys.

So, what happens when I make my calls? First, I discover that all the earnings estimates are too high. Second, I find out that, in both cases, business has been weak of late. Third, none of the analysts thinks there is a near-term catalyst.

Talk about a buy signal! Hoo-hah!

Both stocks are up 10%.

What can I do? As much as I love playing hunches and can value the undervalued, I can't switch gears to the point where I don't care about near-term fundamentals. I've gotta get some real rose-colored glasses.

But there is irony here, too.



reported a huge upside surprise, one trumped only by


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. And those stocks are getting crushed.

My eldest would call it "frontsie-backsie day." Thank heavens it only lasts one day at school. How much longer can it last here?

Random musings:

How does this chapter of



end? I hope it's not like



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