In a market in which virtually nothing holds true, it is nice to be able to game at least one day in a quarter. Sure enough this day was, like so many last days of a quarter, a total stinker.

Also like so many last days, it started strongly and then faded. That kind of fake-out always leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Nasty.

I didn't see anything really salient today. The most important insight: If you were short



because you heard there was a negative Heard on the Street column, you got annihilated. This is the second time you had to go the other way from the


on a piece about the stock. Go figure.

And for fakeout of the year award:

Silly Graphics


. It blew up while it was going up 2 points. Here's an ethics question for you: If you are a mutual fund that owns SGI, do you get credit for a $16 close when this stock will clearly open down big tomorrow?

I bet every fund takes a $16 close.

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