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An Up Market but Not an Uplifting One

These stocks still don't feel right, so JJC's staying mostly on the sidelines.
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We just keep vetoing each other's buys even as we agree on every sale. That's the way it has been this week. I took a look at lagging



, but my partner,

Jeff Berkowitz

, shot it down. We talked about



, but couldn't get it together to buy it, even down 6 -- growth may be slowing.



got thrown up the flagpole but nobody saluted it.

And this is an up day!

The idea of having conviction on the long side when so many stocks are acting so poorly just doesn't wash.

But we aren't out there shorting stocks aggressively, either. We figure that a couple of good macro numbers and we get a squeeze to the upside, which would cause a terrible whipsaw. We would rather buy the market up, with a good set of macro numbers, than run the risk that the market gets hammered still one more time.

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