An Outside Chance of a Friday Ramp

It could happen, but the trader is too tired to play it big.
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Could there be a Friday ramp? We haven't seen one of those in a long time, but after a week like this anything can happen.

Todd-O Harrison

, our glamorous head trader, thinks we could see one. He has been goading Tired


and Tired Jim into playing the Friday afternoon massively to the long side.

We are too tired to bite.

But I am eager too, as I sense an encirclement battle brewing in the hitherto-dead

Mister Softee

(MSFT) - Get Report

. Lots of bears caught out on the steppes of Microsoft and plenty of bulls always willing -- despite the tremendous legal uncertainties -- to get a late Friday entrapment going.

Result, we play a potential ramp small -- we hate making these big calls, especially when we are tired -- and we wait for the weekend. We figure


might have updated cash-burn figures for the dot-coms. (Hoo-hah!)

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