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We didn't need this


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stalemate news. The market seemed ripe for a bottom and the possibilities of a negotiated settlement seemed like the perfect kicker to a strong start for Quarter Two.

As someone who is always long Microsoft, I felt my breath taken away by the comments from Judge Richard Posner. That there can be no negotiated agreement is simply terrible because even the worst negotiated settlement would be better for business in this country than the most evenhanded, levelheaded ruling from the Federal Bench.

We talk about the settlement talks all of the time at the office. Predictably, I've been a believer, even printing out Seymour's stuff and making everybody read it to make the optimists' case.

Jeff Berkowitz

, my partner, has had the same view on the case since its inception: "What the heck do we know? Don't bet on the unknowable."

Great call.

So now we sweat out the market. We can't buy any more until it's appreciably lower because the whole notion of a settlement was that it would take this issue off the table once and for all and we would get a big relief rally. With the long-term uncertainty now very much back, I just don't see a lot of money being made, short-term, in Mister Softee.

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