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An Early Pick:

Can't wait until the weekend to tell you how dynamite this issue of

Business Week

is. Full of investment ideas and we didn't have to wait until January to see it. As I read


TheStreet Recommends

on line I found myself photocopying every page and handing it out to my staff to do work. From an outfit that a few years ago seemed to be contrarian when it spoke on equities--meaning that you had to do the opposite--


has turned itself into an actionable journal¿in the positive sense. I especially liked the high tech names and the whisper stock list. Dorfman eat your heart out.

Freshness-Dated Addendum:

Question: Is Frontier still a whisper stock now that its earnings power has been sapped? Made the whisper list, but before it blew up on Wednesday.

James Cramer is manager of a hedge fund and co-chairman of The Street.