Alliance MMA (AMMA) shares traded down following the mixed martial arts promoter's recent IPO, but the fight - and the category - is just getting started, said the company's CEO Paul Danner.

Alliance MMA, which last traded around $4 per share after pricing its IPO earlier this month at $4.50, is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company offering the premier developmental league for aspiring MMA fighters to advance to the sport's highest level of professional competition. Or, in other words, a minor league for aspiring MMA fighters. Danner said Alliance MMA's mission is to identify and develop the next generation of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other premier MMA promotion champions in the world's fastest growing sport.

With many of the world's leading MMA promotions under the Alliance MMA umbrella, the organization aims to host in excess of 125 events per year, showcasing more than 1,000 fighters. MMA currently boasts a worldwide fan base of approximately 300 million, attracting large broadcast and pay-per-view audiences as well as big name sponsors. Alliance MMA is the only publicly listed company in the sport.

"Our plan is to eventually have a promotion in every major media market in the United States," said Danner.

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Danner said Alliance MMA will also be dedicated to generating live original sports media content, expanding internationally, and securing major brand sponsorship revenue for live events, digital media platform and its Alliance MMA contracted athletes.

One thing Danner is not concerned about is losing his top talent to the UFC.

"We really don't care where our fighters go. We just want them to move up," said Danner. "Our job is to act like a conduit."

The company also works to make sure the sport is as safe as possible for its athletes.

"All across the country, every state has a commission with a medical process each fighter has to go through," said Rob Haydek, president of Allliance MMA. "Everything from an EKG to brain scans. The athletes go through all the tests to make sure they are in good health when they come to our organization."