All Quiet on the Earnings Front

Things are looking good, pending conference calls.
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So far, so good on the earnings front. IBM (IBM) - Get Report sounds great. Revenues blew through the roof. I think the earnings should have been even stronger than they were, given the revs, but we are trying to dig down to find out what happened. Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report gave us a terrific quarter and then followed up with some boilerplate negatives that knocked the stock down to 97, where I stuck a bid in and got whacked. Thanks bears! It is now trading at 98.25 to 98.375.

Of course we need to hear conference calls. As I write, IBM's is droning on positively but we don't have enough data to decide. The stock is halted. Need to hear Softee later. Also waiting on



, which looked good and is trading up as I write.

A word on



. I don't know what I can say here. I like Novellus and bought it all the way down. I don't think there is a problem , everybody just got a little too bullish. I made a prediction that Novellus will get to 100 faster than

Applied Materials

(AMAT) - Get Report

. I made that prediction internally and I shared it with our nonviewers on our now famous Lost Episode. Oh Lordy, I could be wrong, but all I can do is tell you how I am betting. I can't do more than that.

Remember, I can be wrong. When I think I am wrong, I throw in the towel. I wasn't about to throw in the towel today when I think the future is bright for the stock. The future, by the way, is based on orders, which everybody says were good.

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